All this aircraft carriers list is organized by country of origin and where it served or still serves. To be clear there may be a ship which may be listed under multiple countries.

Countries who are currently or have in the past operated aircraft carriers

Numbers of fleet aircraft carriers by country

Number of fleet aircraft carriers by operating nation

Number of fleet aircraft carriers by operating nation

Various aircraft carries around the world

United Kingdom aircraft carriers

Active aircraft carriers:


Aircraft carriers under construction:

Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carrier, STOVL ship of 70,600 tonnes

HMS Queen Elizabeth (2017), undergoing initial sea trials

HMS Prince of Wales (2020)

Aircraft carriers sunk:

Glorious class

HMS Glorious (1916), sunk by Scharnhorst and Gneisenau 8 June 1940

HMS Courageous (1916), sunk by U-29 17 September 1939

HMS Eagle (1918), sunk by U-73 11 August 1942

HMS Eagle

HMS Hermes (1923) – first purpose-designed aircraft carrier, sunk by Japanese aircraft 9 April 1942

HMS Ark Royal (1938), sunk 14 November 1941 after being torpedoed by U-81 on 13 November 1941

Aircraft carriers retired:

HMS Argus (1916)

HMS Argus 1917

HMS Hermes 1938

HMS Furious (1916)

HMS Furious

HMS Vindictive (1918) – converted to aircraft carrying cruiser 1925

HMS Unicorn fleet maintenance carrier (1943)

HMS Unicorn aircraft maintenance carrier

Illustrious class

HMS Illustrious (1939)

HMS Illustrious

HMS Formidable (1939)

HMS Victorious (1939)

HMS Indomitable (1940)

Implacable class

HMS Implacable (1942)

HMS Implacable 1944

HMS Indefatigable (1942)

Audacious class

HMS Eagle (ex-Audacious) (1946)

HMS Eagle 1918

HMS Ark Royal (ex-Irresistible) (1950)

HMS Ark Roya in 1939

Colossus class

HMS Colossus (1943), to France 1946 as Arromanches

HMS Glory (1943)

HMS Ocean (1944)

HMS Theseus (1944)

HMS Triumph (1944)

HMS Triumph 1950

HMS Venerable (1944) – to Netherlands 1948 as HNLMS Karel Doorman, to Argentina 1968 as ARA Veinticinco de Mayo

HMS Vengeance (1944) – to Brazil 1956 as Minas Gerais

HMS Warrior (1944) – to Canada 1946–1948, to Argentina 1958 as ARA IndependenciaHMS Perseus (1944)

HMS Pioneer (1944)

Majestic class

HMS Majestic (1945) – to Australia 1955 as HMAS Melbourne

HMS Hercules (1945) – to India 1957 as INS VikrantHMS Magnificent (1944) – sold to Canada as HMCS Magnificent

HMS Hercules

HMS Powerful (1945) – to Canada 1952 as HMCS Bonaventure

HMS Terrible (1944) – to Australia in 1948 as HMAS Sydney

Centaur class

HMS Centaur (1947) 

HMS Albion (1947)

HMS Bulwark (1948)

HMS Hermes (ex-Elephant) (1953), to India 1986 as INS Viraat

Invincible class

HMS Invincible (1977)

HMS Invincible

HMS Illustrious (1982)

HMS Ark Royal (1985)

Aircraft carriers never completed:

Audacious class

Eagle – cancelled

Africa – to Malta class then cancelled

Majestic class

HMS Leviathan (1945) – was never completed

Centaur class

Hermes – cancelled

Arrogant – cancelled

Monmouth – cancelled

Polyphemus – cancelled

Malta class – cancelled 1946


New Zealand



CVA-01 – cancelled 1966

Queen Elizabeth

Duke of Edinburgh